Rocky Road a la Mode Coming This Summer!

Here in NYC, the weather went from dreary and cold to TOO DAMN HOT with very little in between. Sitting in my office sweltering, I can only dream of ice cream. Ice cream board games that is! Green Couch Games will be kickstarting their new game, Rocky Road a la Mode this summer!

rocky road

2 to 4 players (ages 10 and up) will take control of their own ice cream truck. You’ll have to manage your time and resources to dominate the frozen treat market. Rocky Road a la Mode uses a time track where the last player always gets to go next, so you’ll be able to advance quickly and take a lot of actions, but once you hit the first player spot, your turn ends.

In the game, you’ll get to blast candy coated tunes to attract customers, refill your stock of ice cream, and sell your treats to your happy customers. As you impress your patrons, you’ll earn the right to take over summer hot spots like the beach, pool, park, and ball field. Rocky Road a la Mode is delightfully illustrated by Adam P. McIver, the artist behind games like Hocus and Best Treehouse Everand created by first time designer Joshua J Mills of the Board Game Designers of North Carolina.

The Kickstarter for Rocky Road a la Mode begins June 20th and will be Green Couch Games’ first game to include a board and also comes with ice cream truck meeples!

jessasmJess: Green Couch has made some really great, family-friendly games (we especially love Best Treehouse Ever)! I can’t wait to see how this one comes out. Keep an eye out on their site for the Kickstarter and other updates.

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