Stash Some Money in Slush Fund 2, By Dr. Finn!

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Dr. Finn (the brilliant and prolific mind behind some of our favorite games – Biblios, Biblios Dice, Cosmic Run, Capo Dei Capi, and Institute for Magical Arts) has been experimenting in his secret game laboratory (or at least that is how I imagine he works) and has improved his original Slush Fund game. Slush Fund 2 is an area control game for 2 players that are trying to influence politics with their overflowing wallets.


In both games you will be playing money cards near politicians to try to gain influence with them. Unlike the original game where you only ever got to see the most recent money card played on them, Slush Fund 2 the money is splayed in an overlapping row so you can see which cards have been played. To keep a bit of the memory element, there is a spy which can flip cards face down.

Another difference between the two games is now both players will start with an identical deck of cards. In the original everyone was drawing from the same pile, which meant, if you have particularly bad luck, you could really get screwed by drawing lower value cards. Now both players start on a level playing field.

There are a few more differences and if you want to read up on them, check out this page.

slush promo

You can back the game for $15 and you will get Slush Fund 2, all the stretch goals, and an exclusive Secret Powers promo pack. This is a special item that is only available to backers and members of Dr. Finn’s Kickstarter Club (which is only possible for backers of this project or a future Dr. Finn’s project). By backing at $15 you get a 3-month membership in Dr. Finn’s Games Kickstarter Club. The campaign also lets you pledge to add on other Dr. Finn games like Let Them Eat Shrimp and Foragers.

The Slush Fund 2 Kickstarter is only around for the next 6 days so rush on over now and pledge before it is too late!!!

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