Game In A Minute Ep. 8 – CV

There are plenty of board games that try to convey extraordinary experiences.  Hostage Negotiator puts you in the tension-deflecting aviators of a person trying to diffuse, well, a hostage situation.  Train Heist lets you and your crew be the outlaws of the old west, using bravado and daring to steal loot for the good of the townsfolk.  And Here Kitty Kitty lets you, uh, practice to be a crazy cat person?

But there are precious few games that give you a chance to explore not just a slice of a person’s life, but the entirety of it.  An investigation of not only a person’s job, or their passions, or the nature of their passing, but rather the entire arc of their lives.  Can a game really even do that?  And can Jess manage to review CV, a great little dicey tableau-building game from Passport Games and Filip Miłuński that aspires to tell the life story of each of its 2-4 players, in just 60 seconds?

Watch this week’s Game In A Minute and find out!

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