Feast Your Eyes on the YOKOHAMA Kickstarter!

Tasty Minstrel Games (TMG) traveled to the Tokyo Game Fair recently and they have brought back an exciting title; Hisashi Hayashi’s (Trains, Sail to India, Rolling Japan) YOKOHAMA!


It’s a deep worker placement game for 2-4 players where everyone is a merchant in the Meiji period of Japan. The fishing village of Yokohama is rapidly expanding to become a pivotal harbor and, as a merchant, you are looking to gain your fame and fortune!

TMG is producing a deluxe version of YOKOHAMA via Kickstarter. Considering the cost, they expect to only produce this version once, so if you want a deluxe copy, you’ll have to back the Kickstarter or luck out at a convention sale.



Image Credit: Tasty Minstrel Games 

jessasmJess: This game is massive! You get 32 shop houses, 16 trading houses, and 140 trade goods plus 68 metal coins. Considering the upgraded components are all wood, this box is going to have a sumo-like heft to it! Gameosity is getting a review copy sometime soon, so we will give an in depth look at YOKOHAMA as soon as it arrives. You can get a basic version of the game for $45, but for just $15 extra bucks you can get the entire deluxe set. So why not? Head on over to the YOKOHAMA Kickstarter and pledge now!


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