Rampaging Jotunn Stomps Its Way Onto Kickstarter!

Lost Cog’s Rampaging Jotunn is now on Kickstarter! This 2 player game is a Viking brawl between rival clans looking to level all of their opponent’s villages. Players will create an island using tiles and then send their armies to battle using cards. There is one little… er..giant complication: There is a a giant running around trying to smash everyone!

As you play you will be able to choose to play cards to move your units around or to influence the angry giant into attacking your enemy. The last player with surviving villages wins.

jessasmJess: Last year, we got a chance to talk with designer Matthias Bonnici about Rampaging Jotunn and I just realized the interview never got posted! Augh! Well here it is in all its glory!

You can get a copy for $35 on the Rampaging Jotunn Kickstarter so board your long ship and set sail for an epic viking battle! (Just make sure to watch out for giants a long the way).

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