Sink Your Teeth into Bon Appétit!

Bon Appétit – A Fine Dining Frenzy by Avant-Garde Games is a 2-5 player deception game with a heaping plateful of protine. Every player is a famous foodie determined to have their fill of a delicious steak dinner. The only problem is, there is a limited supply and everyone has ordered it! To win you’ll need three steaks, so you have to figure out who got served a steak and steal it from them.


Each player starts with a hand of 5 cards consisting of Tableware,Characters, and Steaks. Tableware cards are numbered and can be combined to form the number 7 in order to accuse/steal a Steak from another player. Characters help steal or protect steak cards and each steak card is worth 1 point. You can find the full rules here.

For $14 you’ll get 1 Copy of Bon Appétit – A Fine Dining Frenzy and the stretch goals, but for an extra $3 you’ll also get 5 Kickstarter Exclusive Cards and Kickstarter Exclusive Box Artwork.

jessasmJess: Avant-Garde Games & The Indie Gamer Alliance are going to be sending us a copy for preview soon, so keep an eye out for our review. Judging only from the game’s campaign page,  Bon Appétit looks pretty delightful and it’s kinda making me hungry. You guys check out the Bon Appétit Kickstarter. I’m going to go get some lunch!

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