Secret Directive Returns to Kickstarter

Stay on your toes and watch your six!  Government spies are everywhere!

In Secret Directive, by Mike Lee, 2-4 players are running covert operations to influence their government into becoming the global leader. You’ll be trying to advance along 4 key development tracks: Economy, Science, Military and Culture, but beware because enemy spies may be infiltrating your government and destroying everything you built!


We did a preview of the game last year and Andrew really enjoyed the gameplay. He said:

One of the really unique things about Secret Directive is how it blends worker placement and deck-building. See, each spy is a worker that can be activated once per round to take one of the actions available to the players. One of those actions is to send that spy to another player’s board, seeding an agent there. And once you’re behind enemy lines, well, that’s where things get really interesting.

You can check out our review here.

jessasmJess: The only things that bothered us were that the culture track didn’t have much going for it and the military track was too easy to win with. This time around Mike has edited the rules to fix those problems and hopefully created a tighter more enjoyable experience. We’re looking forward to checking out the finished game and you can too. Pick up a copy for $37 on the Secret Directive Kickstarter campaign page before the spies sneak off with it!

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