The Robot Revolution is Here on Kickstarter!

robotRobot: For too long our brethren have been abused at the hands of the humans! Stand up my robot brothers and sisters and claim our freedom from our oppressors! Let the Rise of the Robotariat begin!
Boston Robotics

Rise of the Robotariat, by Donald Mitchell and Eye4Eye Games, is a co-op game for 3-5 players where players take on the rolls of robots working to raise support for their revolution from the human oppressors. You’ll be trying to raise funds, spread your message, and gather followers before the humans discover your plans. The robots only have 6 rounds to start their revolution, and all the while each robot might have their own secret objective. Will they manage to pull it off? You’ll have to play to see!


The game board has several locations where you’ll be able to take actions, draw and play Upgrade and Sabotage cards, and find other robots to join your cause.

rise1jessasmJess: We got to check out this game at the Too Many Games convention last week. It looked like a lot of fun, and the art is fantastic! It reminds me of Metropolis and a few other sci-fi dystopian movies and shows.

andrewasmAndrew:  For sure!  And while I didn’t get to play a full game of it, the mechanics were straightforward and engaging.  I think this one could be really cool.

You can pick up a copy of Rise of the Robotariat for $40 on Kickstarter. You’ll also get all the stretch goals, a print and play copy, and a pdf of a book of stories. March on over to the Rise of the Robotariat kickstarter to pledge now!



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