Stronghold Games Teams Up With 2F-Spiele!

Stronghold Games and 2F-Spiele have announced that they will be partnering to co-publish games. This means a lot of cool German games will be coming our way!

“We are very excited by this Strategic Partnership with the world-renowned company, 2F-Spiele,” said Stephen Buonocore, President of Stronghold Games. “The opportunity to work with game design master, Friedemann Friese, cannot be underestimated. As we create these partnerships, we continue to strengthen our commitment to bringing great games from Europe to North America and the rest of the world.”

“As a gamer, I was interested in Stronghold Games from the first moment they started,” said Friedemann Friese, President of 2F-Spiele. “Crude and Outpost are two of my favorite games. Over the years they added more games of interest to me, and I always look forward to their new publications.”

“It is important for me to work together with a company where my games will find a good home. We worked together very well last year on publishing “504”. The enthusiasm and energy Stephen and the people at Stronghold Games put into our projects is amazing. So I am very happy to work together with Stronghold Games on my future projects. And it is great to be there together with eggertspiele, since Peter Eggert and I are friends for a very long time, and I really like the eggertspiele line of games, too.”

There are two games lined up so far:

Fabled Fruit (Fabelsaft) a game for 2-5 players where everyone is trying to gather delicious fruit from the forest before their opponents can snatch away their snacks. The game uses the new “Fable Game” mechanic which changes the gameplay over time. The game will evolve as you play, but is never permanently changed.



Fuji Flush (Futschikato) is a 3-8 player card discarding game. You can team up with friends to take down opponents or work alone to get rid of your cards first.fuji

These games are both coming out in October 2016!

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