A Groovy New Evil Dead 2 Game Hits Kickstarter!

Exciting news! Space Goat Productions has officially licensed the Evil Dead II board game and it is currently on Kickstarter! This 2-6 player is a co-op survival game where everyone is trying to find the missing pages of the Ex-Mortis in order to banish the Kandarian Demons and win the game.


The game comes with some keen looking minis, including Ash’s severed hand although the art for these is not finalized yet:
For $60 you get a copy of the game, but if you throw $20 dollars more at it you’ll get the deluxe Kickstarter version which comes with a box designed to look like the Ex-Mortis, fully painted minis,  Combat Ash Figure in place of Normal Ash, and a Deadite Henrietta Figure (AKA Gooseneck Henrietta).

Combat Ash is pretty badass 

jessasmJess: I get pretty nervous about board games designed after my favorite IPs as well as games that are not listed on Board Game Geek. I get especially nervous when a Kickstarter doesn’t show much about game play on its page. So I may not be jumping up and down to back this one quite yet, but seeing as it has already funded, I’ll be curious to see where they go with it.

You can check out the Evil Dead II board game on Kickstarter. Just be careful to differentiate your Nictoos from your neckties. 😉

Featured Image Credit: IMDB

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