Virus: An Infectious Card Game Has Infected Kickstarter

From John Coveyou and Genius Games (makers of ION and Peptide, two games we really enjoy), comes another game of a decidedly sciency bend, up on Kickstarter (and fully funded) now!

Virus: An Infections Card Game looks like a neat riff on both trick-taking and drafting.  Each round, players will select one of their Virus cards and then everyone simultaneously reveals the card they chose, establishing how virulent their virus is.  In descending order of virulence, players will get to draft cards from the row of Viral Component cards.

These cards represent scoring opportunities, as well as the chance to enhance your virus, making future plays more powerful.  Each player’s hand of Virus cards is finite, and cards you play can only be reclaimed by skipping a round of drafting.

Virus 3

andrewasmAndrew:  There are a bunch of different scoring mechanisms, like set collection and high/low card counting, so I’m hoping that this straightforward-looking game will have some real strategy.  Based on most of Coveyou’s previous work, I’m betting it will be simple, clean, and incredibly fun.

Virus: An Infections Card Game is up on Kickstarter right now and is fully funded, so it’s a great time to jump on there and grab yourself a copy!

Virus 1

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