MeepleSource Opens Voting on Their Next Meeple Kickstarter!

MeepleSource, purveyors of excellent game bit upgrades and unique meeples, has announced their next Kickstarter! Coming August 9th, the project will create a whole new slew of character meeples.

MeepleSource is inviting their fans to vote for their favorite meeples!MSKickstarterPreview

The Kickstarter is looking to have 30 meeples to start with and may add up to 100 depending on stretch goals and such! The characters you vote for may end up as some of the starting pieces or stretch goals. You can vote here:

jessasmJess: During the  survey, you can also submit your email address to be notified when the Kickstarter begins, so you can be sure to jump on it as soon as it goes live! MeepleSource makes some really nice components; I’m kinda partial to the happy giraffe meeple, but I have no idea what I would use it for!

Go vote and check out the Kickstarter on August 9th!giraffe



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