Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition Coming Out Next Week!

Fantasy Flight has announced the new Mansions of Madness 2nd edition! Part of the exciting news is that it will be replacing the Keeper (the person who plays the role of the baddies in the game) with an app!

jessasmJess: I love Lovecraftian horror games like Elder Sign and Eldrich Horror, but I always had a problem with Mansions of Madness. This was mainly because whenever we played, it seemed that the keepers role was either to destroy us utterly or to hold back give us a slight chance. It put a lot of pressure onto the keeper to make the game fun without totally wiping the party out – essentially forcing them to decide if they were going to even give the party the chance to win or not. I think having an app manage the role will really help the game tremendously.


Mansions of Madness 2nd edwill still use modular boards to create unique maps and center around spooky scenarios full of dark dealings and horrific encounters. Since the app is driving the narrative, the game no longer starts with the full map revealed. As you play you will discover your path as you explore.

jessasmJess: The sense of exploration was really lacking in the original game. Sure you never quite knew what was behind a locked door or inside a puzzlebox, but you could see the entire board. It made it easier to strategize and removed an element of surprise. The app also makes it possible to play Mansions of Madness as a solo game. That will be a challenge all its own. I’m really excited to see how well the app works with the game.


Since we already own the game, it is great to hear that there is a conversion kit, which allows you to use the older components with the app. It is not necessary to make game playable with the app, but it adds more components, investigators, and monsters making it a great way to expand your game.

jessasmJess: Mansions of Madness will be available next Thursday, August 4 online, at retailers, and also premiering at Gen Con. I’m really looking forward to checking it out at the convention and as soon as I have more info about it, I will pass it along to you guys! You can learn more in the Fantasy Flight announcement.

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