Gobby Grossly Slobbers Onto Kickstarter


andrewasmAndrew:  Ew.  No.

jessasmJess: Ok this Kickstarter just about broke my brain. Gobby, by Four Quarter Productions, is a communication game. You take cards from 2 decks to form nonsense phrases (like “Coffee infused with….” + “smelly armpits”) and try to get people to understand what you are trying to say with a disturbing looking mouthpiece stick in your maw.

Like something out of a dental hygienists nightmare dungeon.

The game comes with 20 Gobby Mouthpieces which are reuseable (boil the hell out of them before reusing PLEASE), 2 x 50 card decks of start and end phrase cards, and a 1 minute timer.


jessasmJess: Now I’m not a germaphobe and I get where Four Quarter is going with this. Party games where you try to do something and fail in spectacularly funny ways are often a really good time. I just can’t get past the teeth thing. You put one of these Gobbys in and suddenly everyone is staring at your teeth. Can I wear a dust mask over it or maybe a bandana so I come off as a bandito with a terrible speech impediment? Anything but the Hellraiser horror of chattery teeth?

Bibs as a stretch goal, anyone?

andrewasmAndrew:  I stand by my ‘Ew. No.’ from earlier.

You can get your very own Gobby for about $22 USD or if you are looking for a more adult game you can get one for around $26 USD. If you are intrigued and want to know more about this bizarre game check out the Gobby Kickstarter.

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