Ready the Engines of War! Castle Panic is Getting an Expansion!

Fireside Games has announced Castle Panic, their cooperative tower defense board game, is getting its third expansion, Engines of War this November!


In this new expansion you’ll get access to the Engineer. This powerful ally can use Resource cards to build Catapults, Ballistas, Barricades, Spring Traps, Pits, and Walls.

With all that, your castle will be prepared for battle, but don’t think the monsters haven’t anticipated this. There are a few new beasties in town: The Shaman, Breathtaker, and Goblin Saboteurs. These monsters can do things like restrict trading or heal themselves!

Cooperation will be even more important in this expansion as it also adds an economic mechanic to the game. You can combine it with Castle Panic and the first two expansions.

Engines of War are headed our way this November for $17.95.

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