Isle of Monsters

Mayday Games is launching a new Kickstarter: Isle of Monsters! Tonight at 8PM MST (10PM EST), you can check out this 2-5 player, set collection and resource gathering game. The first 5 backers will get the game for only $1! This flash Kickstarter sales go super fast, so make sure your clicking finger is in shape.

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In Isle of Monsters, players take on the role of monster trainers who are competing in the local Scare Faire (think science fair of monstrous proportions!). The Island of Nowhere Atoll uses this contest to select their next “Island Protector”.

isle of monsters 2


Each round, players will need to claim monsters, feed them, and get them Faire-worthy before the big day (the end of the round). Any monster of one color that you have fully fed gets to participate in the Scare Faire.

Each monster that’s fully fed by the end of a round goes into that player’s hand and enters the Scare Faire. Whoever has the highest total of scare points from their monsters wins 3 scream points. You can also earn scream points for having your monsters scare other players’ monsters or if you have more monsters in hand than any other player. Once you run out of monsters, the game ends and the player with the most scream points wins the title of “Island Protector”.

Once the Isle of Monsters Kickstarter goes live, you’ll be able to find it here.




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