Amping Up Games With Roolz

jessasmJess: So I don’t usually go out of my way to get custom made bits for my games, but recently I came across an artist on Shapeways named Roolz.  He creates models and jewelry based off of board games. Many of the models he creates are functional and have either moving elements or allow for game pieces to socket into them. His work impressed me so much that I bought a few items for Mice and Mystics and the Bloody Inn on the spot.

First up is the piece that first caught my eye: The Cheese Wheel Clock for Mice and Mystics:


Using two helicoidal discs, Roolz has created an amazing timer for Mice & Mystics. Unfortunately it does not come with the amazing paint job, but I just can’t get over how smart this design is.


The cheese wheel arrives in a base white color. You’ll have to clean it up a bit, since the production process leaves a lot of dust on the wheel. Roolz includes a description on the Cheese Wheel Clock page on how to clean it up and prepare it for painting.

I painted mine up and tried it out. I think it would benefit from having a weight added underneath so you could turn it easier without having to pick it up, but it is a really cool addition to the game.


You can buy a copy for $11.20 here: Pimp My Game.

The other pieces I tried out for Mice & Mystics were tokens for mousetraps, the fishook, and an hourglass.


The models are made with a really nice nylon plastic that makes it really easy to paint on. I had to use scissors to trim off some of the connecting plastic, but it was worth it. These pieces are beautifully detailed. Look at that tiny mousetrap!

You can buy them here for $12.90.

Roolz also offers a large set that contain these pieces as well as 1 Fork token, 2 Crushed Grape tokens, and 2 Crushed Grape tokens. I can’t get over the work he puts into modeling these. They really hep the game come to life.



Last up was the turn counter for Bloody Inn. This piece is very fun. When you move the lanterns handle it changes the roman numeral from 1 to 2 allowing you to keep track of which phase the game is in. It moves really smoothly and you don’t have to clean the piece before hand like you do with the cheese wheel.


Roolz makes a ton of other bits for games like Eldritch Horror, Argent: The consortium, Forbidden Stars, 7 Wonders, Cthulhu Wars, and more! You should definitely check out his store, Pimp My Game, on Shapeways to find even more cool ways to add some pzazz to your games!


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