Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt

jessasmJess: Ok guys, fair warning, I’m going to squee for a moment. CHOCOBOS! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Square Enix is releasing a non-collectible Card game called Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt. 3-5 players can play a raucous game of crystal stealing using adorable Chocobos as their minions. The box comes with 14 Chocobo cards, 5 Fat Chocobo cards, 12 crystal cards, and 8 monster cards, alongside player makers and point tokens. It is fast paced at 10-20 minutes and fun for the whole family.

The aim of the game is to find crytals in other players hands while avoiding Bomb and Ahriman monster cards. If you manage to collect one of each crystal type (fire, water, wind, earth) or any six crystals, you win the round and get a token. Collect two tokens and you win the game!

jessasmJess:It looks like this game will be coming out in October. I’ll just be freaking out until then. LOOK AT THE CHUBBY CHOCOBOS!

You can get more info and pre-order on the Chocobo’s Crystal Hunt site.

Image Credits:Square Enix

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