Get Some Character Meeples (2.0) on Kickstarter Now!

Meeple Source, makers of high-quality meeples and bits for board games, is Kickstarting their new line of meeples! This group will contain upgrade packs for Colt Express, Stone Age, Champions of Midgard, and more. So far the backers have unlocked a huge number of meeples.

The stretch goals for this campaign include meeples like Yokohama Daragon from Tasty Minstrel Games, a King meeple for Royals, Aztec characters for Imperial Settlers, a Gen Canterpillar for all those that couldn’t attend Gen Con,  as well as meeples and bits for Champions of Midgard.


Meeple Source is offering multiple pledge tiers so that you can customize your order. You can mix and match to your heart’s delight. There are also game-specific sets to make upgrading your favorite games easier.


Need more meeples? Vote for your favorites from themes like Steampunk, Vampire, Monster, and more, or suggest some new ones by commenting on the message boards.

jessasmJess: The Meeple Source bits are really fantastic. Chunky and colorful, they add a bit of pizzazz to any game you toss them in.

You can find out more and pledge today on the Character Meeples (2.0) Kickstarter page.

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