Gen Con 2016 News: iello Games Lineup

We were lucky enough to be invited to the iello press conference during Gen Con.  They had tons of really great stuff to show off, so lets dive right in!

Oceanos – Antoine Bauza (design) Jérémie Fleury (art), 2-5 players, Drafting/set collection


Discover the secrets of the seas with Oceanos. In the game, each player is an intrepid explorer trying to spot the most ocean-life or and longest coral reefs. You’ll find lost treasures, upgrade your submarine with crystals, and do your best to avoid angering the kraken!

jessasmJess: Like any other Bauza game, I’m in love with the design. Oceanos uses interchangeable pieces for your submarine and each upgrade makes your ship look more awesome and gives you more and more abilities like being able to hold more animals and giving more points at the end of the round. The game isn’t coming out until August 18th, but pre-orders are open.

andrewasmAndrew:  The first thing I did upon entering the exhibitor hall was slam down the cash for a copy of Oceanus, so expect to see a review soon!

King of New York Powered Up – Richard Garfield (design) Régis Torres (art), Expansion

King of New York is getting the Powered Up treatment! Coming September 29th, you’ll be able to add a whole new monster to your game: Mega Shark! Other characters will be getting two new evolution cards that will work with both King of New York and King of Tokyo. The expansion lets you mix up the powered up monsters from both sets

andrewasmAndrew:  The Powered Up expansion to King of Tokyo was something that made that game, in my mind, just a bit better than its New York cousin.  This expansion changes all that!

jessasm JessKing of New York is already a cool game, for sure. I like the theme of being big monsters stomping around cities and fighting each other, but I’m not a huge fan of games that use player elimination. That said, the expansions do add a lot of fun options and being able to mix the two sets is awesome!

You can pre-order King of New York Powered Up on iello’s store page.

Kanagawa – Bruno Cathala, Charles Chevallier (design) Jade Mosch (art), 2-4 players, Drafting/set collection

Gen Con Iello

The idea behind Kanagawa is that you are a Japanese artist in the Tokyo painting school of Master Hokusai trying to impress the master with your work. As you paint you must be mindful of the seasons and keep your art in harmony with them.

andrewasmAndrew:  Admittedly, I know precious little about this one, but one glance at the components had me sold.  It’s gorgeous and visually engaging, and knowing the designer, I can’t help but have very high expectations for it.

Gen Con Iello
jessasmJess: I really am a sucker for good art in a game and Japanese themes, but even if that wasn’t the case, like you say, Bruno Cathala makes some of our favorite games. The design is simple and elegant and the game itself looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to play Kanagawa when it comes out in October!

Tales & Games: Aladdin & The Magic Lamp – Tiago Damey (design) Rémy Tornior, Denis Zilber (art), 2-5 players, Press Your Luck

This is the 7th game in the Tales & Games series. It uses secret action selection, spontaneous play, and set collection to tell the story of Aladdin as he searches a cave for the magic lamp. Every player will simultaneously choose how many chest cards they want to draw and which chest to draw from. If you are lucky you won’t draw any deadly scorpions. Once one of the three sorcerer cards has been uncovered the cave closes and the players tally up their spoils.

jessasmJess: This game looks super light and family style. It has a little more “game” to is than other Tales & Games I’ve seen, but this is still a filler game.

Aladdin & The Magic Lamp is coming out in mid-September for $24.99

Around the World in 80 Days – David Parlett (design) Thibault Prugne, Thomas Vuarchex (art), 2-6 players, Hand Management/Racing

Gen Con Iello

Around the World in 80 Days is designed by the same studio that does Tales & Games and celebrates the novel by Jules Verne. The box was made to look like a traditional Verne book with its classic red and gold leaf and uses a pull out sleeve to give it a unique feel. It is based on the game Hare & Tortoise, by David Parle.

Gen Con Iello

Around the World in 80 Days is coming out this October.

The Mysterious Forest – Carlo A. Rossi (design) Daniel Lieske (art), 2-4 players, Co-op Memory

mysterious forest

This is the first iello game designed and produced completely in-house. Based on the popular webcomic Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieskeirmly and firmly set in iello’s children’s line, The Mysterious Forest is a cooperative memory game where you are travelling through, appropriately, the mysterious forest and fighting the Queen of the Draconias. The game is played in 3 phases: The first phase will have you memorizing the equipment you’ll need to cross the forest. In phase two, you will roll dice to try to win the equipment you need. Lastly, the third phase will have you going through the forest cards, discarding the appropriate equipment for each challenge.

jessasm Jess: I had never heard of Wormworld Saga before this game, but the art is so intriguing that now I really want to check it out!

The Mysterious Forest is coming out in November.

Thanks so much to iello for inviting us to their press event!


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