Scott Almes’ Island Hopper Lands on Kickstarter

Scott Almes designs some pretty great games. We are long-time fans of his Tiny Epic Series of games and so any new game he makes gets us curious!


Island Hopper, being published by Eagle-Gryphon Games, is a 2-4 player pick-up and deliver game. The idea is there are a bunch of islands that every player needs to deliver goods to. The only problem is there is only one plane and it is in rough shape. Everyone has pooled their money to purchase the plane, but now you have to share it!

To start the day, everyone bids for the Captains Seat which will make you the pilot for the round. You have no navigation systems and so you must rely on your competitive pals to guide you.


jessasmJess: This is where the game gets really interesting. The pilot closes their eyes, picks up the cargo and listens to directions given by the other players to try to land the plane safely in an island’s harbor. Deliver the goods and you get paid. Mess up and your plane will crash into the ocean. I’ve played HABA’s Der Schatz der 13 Inseln (The Treasure of the 13 Islands) and it really is a blast to play blind dexterity games. I’m also immediately attracted to the colorful design of the game. I think Island Hopper is going to be a lot of fun!

For a $40 pledge you get 1 copy of Island Hopper and all achieved stretch goals included. As an added bonus, Kickstarter backers will get upgraded direction tokens and there are add on upgrades like a game mat, Eagle-Gryphon Games bandana blindfold, as well as other games from EGG. Fly on over to the Island Hopper Kickstarter for more info and to pledge now!

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