Carrotia Brings Bunny Adventure to Kickstarter

jessasmJess: We met MAGE Company at Gen Con this month and I was instantly attracted to their upcoming game, Carrotia. The chipper-looking rabbit on the box art spoke of adventure, fun, and carrots!


The co-op , tile-laying adventure for 1-6 players, is a race against time. You must build a maze full of carrots and then send your brave rabbits to fetch them so that the colony will have enough food. Along the way, the rabbits must dodge owls, hawks and other birds that want to make them a meal. Unfortunately, your rabbits only have a limited number of moves. Do they have enough moves to grab the carrots and run while dodging incoming attacks? If you’ve played your tiles right, they will!

The Carrotia will start August 25th and will only run for 2 weeks. So far it looks like, for a pledge of $25 you get 1 copy of the Carrotia, the expansion Carrotia: Carroting, and stretch goals. The stretch goals will be mainly new expansions for the game that come with 5 new rabbit characters, 25 new maze tiles, new carrot tokens, and new mechanics or rules that make each expansion feel like a new game. The expansions will come with their own boxes and box art cover.

jessasmJess: This looks like ti is going to be a fun family game and Mage Company is giving us a lot of game considering how expandable Carrotia is. I’ll be excited to see how it plays. Learn more about it on the Carrotia Kickstarter page!


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