Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black on Kickstarter!

Our pals at Gamelyn Games are back with another dose of Tiny Epic action! This time they are Kickstarting their full-box expansion for the absolutely excellent Tiny Epic Galaxies.

TEG Beyond the Black adds 20 advanced ship tokens, a play mat, hanger cards, and secret mission cards, but it also brings in new features like Pilots! These characters have variable powers that players can vie for control over while they compete for planets.
To hire a Pilot are you’ll need pairs or triples of dice. If your pilot is trained to fly the ship you have then they only need two dice, but if you try to give a ship to the worng pilot, your going to have to up their salary and use 3 dice.
TEGBTB pilots2

jessasmJess: Josh will be excited to hear that TEG Beyond the Black also adds a push your luck element with Exploration!

joshasm Josh: Hit me! Wait…what am I pushing my luck for?  Ah, who cares, hit me!

jessasmJess: You can now explore space to find resources or exploration badges, but lurking black holes might devour all of your resources! The expansion comes with an exploration cards that you will move your ship onto. You can either take any face-up card or will begin flipping them over. Any Red cards that come up you must keep and stop. Green cards can either be kept or you can keep flipping until there are 3 face up and you must take the next card flipped.

TEGBTB explore

joshasm Josh: So what about those badges you mentioned?

jessasmJess: Oh that’s the set collection aspect of the game! Now you can get exploration badges and you get victory points for each badge type you have the most of.

TEGBTB badges

jessasmJess: This expansion is bringing a whole new level to Tiny Epic Galaxies. Plus Gamelyn is including free upgrades to the original game components like a thicker box with spot UV logos and interior printing and nicer ivory core linen cards with rounded edges. If you don’t already own Tiny Epic Galaxies you can either get it as an add-on for the Kickstarter or through the Gamelyn online store. You can get a deluxe copy of TEG Beyond the Black and all stretch goals for a pledge of $24 on the TEG Beyond the Black Kickstarter page. Fly on over and secure a copy now!

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