Mage Company Releases New Scenarios

Looking to play more Raid & Trade and 12 Realms? Well Mage Company has just released 2 new scenarios for free!


For 12 Realms you can now get The Black Fortress Alliance. The Dark Lords are allying and it is up to the heroes to collect the souls of all four Dark and return them to the towns so you can free all the Active realms. This scenario is for 2-6 players and is universal so you can use it for all realms.

Download it freely here.

Raid and trade scenario

Raid & Trade’s new scenario is From Hell to Desert for 2-5 Players. For this game you’ll need to gather resources and skill points to escape the city and flee into the wastelands. You’ll only have 4 turns to get the necessary 15 Skill Points needed to get out. The first player to leave the ruins map and pass through all the three Wasteland map┬átiles is the winner.

You can get your free copy here.

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