Unreal Estate For Sale On Kickstarter!

The Grand Gamers Guild is kickstarting their first title on Kickstarter: Unreal Estate – A Fantasy Cityscape Card Game!

Designed by Jason Slingerland (cohost of Building the Game podcast and designer of Water Balloon Washout), Unreal Estate asks you to put on your architect’s hat and get designing! The City Council needs your expertise to create their ideal city, but they are a fussy bunch and will toss your ideas in the scrap pile with gusto.

To play, 2-4 players will get 2 cards and 5 more will be laid out between the players as proposals and 5 cards are placed in the scrap pile. To get points you must play sets of matching cards, but you can only play cards that match one in the scrap pile. This means you might scrap a card you have multiples of so that you can play a set later. Sets are worth their total value times the number of matching cards in the scrap pile. Cards played this way are sent to the discard pile and the turn continues until the deck is empty. Whomever has collected the most points, or architect cred, wins!


jessasm chatJess: The game looks like a fun mix of hand management and drafting with a little bit of push you luck element to top it off and I adore Corinne Roberts’ art style. it really gives the game a whimsical feel. I am also really glad to see that the game comes with a scoring track (games that don’t are a pet peeve around here). Unreal Estate has the benefit of Chris Kirkman working as the Graphic Designer. We are big fans of his games so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.


You can nail a copy plus all the fun stretch goals for a pledge of $18 on the Unreal Estate Kickstarter.




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