We Asked, Who Are Your Favorite Female Designers? Twitter Answered!

jessasm chatJess: I spend a lot of time on Twitter; some of my favorite people lurk there and I can always find an interesting conversation to join. Yesterday I was musing about games and the women who love them and I realized: I don’t know a lot of female designers! The names of several male designers roll off my tongue easily, but when I try to remember the woman who wrangle up fun into board games (or roleplaying games), I falter.

To rectify this lacking knowledge and give me a list of new games to buy, I asked twitter this simple question: “Who are your favorite female board game designers & their games?” I also added my two cents “I really like Mary Flanagan’s design for Monarch”.

Monarch by Mary Flanagan

And lo did Twitter provide the masses succor to their plea…

Pack the Pack by Meg McGinley

“Mary () is amazing, we like Meg Sid () for obvious reasons, and I can’t get enough of Nicole Kline () cool games!” –

Marrying Mr. Darcy: The Pride and Prejudice Card Game by Erika Svanoe
Marrying Mr. Darcy: The Pride and Prejudice Card Game by Erika Svanoe

“I like ” –


“I’ve been loving The Village Crone from Anne-Marie DeWitt at Here, Kitty, Kitty! is theirs, but by a different lady designer, Kris McCardel Ware. Everything from is designed by Lisa Steenson. They’re clever and a little snarky.” –

Qwirkle by Susan McKinley Ross

Susan McKinley Ross’s Qwirkle is one of the best ‘bridge to euro style’ games out there.” –

Psi Run by Meg Baker

Psi Run by Meg Baker” –

Mansions of Madness by Nikki Valens

“Nikki Valens designed the new Mansions of Madness and it is HOT.” –

Love what Nikki Valens did with Mansions of Madness! Essentially a new game with the same theme as 1st.”-


“I’d also mention Avery Alder McDaldno (Monsterhearts, The Quiet Year) and .”  –

“That’s a powerful name to be associated with, Avery is unbelievable.” –

“Inka Brand. Her work with her husband has made some great games.” –

“Inka Brand, , , Marsha J Falco, Sydney Engelstein – also check out ” –

“Hannah Shaffer (), Emily Care Boss (), & Meguey Baker () for groundbreaking RPGs, Nicole Kline for strategy. ” –

The Landlord’s game by Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips

We wouldn’t be here without Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips.” 

“Well Monica Valentinelli comes to mind off the top of my head. She’s worked on a lot of great stuff. Rose Bailey over at is good. There’s of course , who designed No Thank You Evil!” –


“Also is a Producer and PM with Paizo (maker of Path Finder)” –

jessasm chatJess: So there you have it. A full day’s worth of wonderful tweets to enlighten me on the awesome women working in gaming right now. I’m sure there are more; who did we miss? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime I gotta go buy some games!

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