Druids on Kickstarter Now, Finishing Strong

jessasm chatGrant Rodiek of Hyperbole Games has been kicking ass this year with releases like Cry Havok and Farmageddon, so I am not surprised that his Kickstarter campaign for Druids is funded almost 10 times over already.

Druids is a 2 player abstract strategy game, where the goal is to capture your opponents 3 druid tokens or by carrying your stone into your opponents temple. Players take turns moving their druids. They can move in any orthogonal direction that they are not currently facing or they can perform a “Stone” movement.


Druids can carry a stone and if revealed, the stone can change how the druid moves for 1 turn, such as moving two orthogonal spaces in any direction. Any time your Druid moves onto an opponent’s Druid, the opponent’s Druid is captured and their stone (if they have one) can be stolen by the conquering druid. The board also has terrain which add complications. For example, Clouds allow Druids to move from one cloud to another while Mountains act as a wall that cannot be moved through, and druids that end in a forest, cannot be captured.

jessasm chatJess: We had a chance to try out the print and play and the game is simple yet elegant. I love that Grant is making each set out of wood to give the game a handcrafted, small batch, artisanal…

andrewasm chatAndrew: Wait a minute… this is starting to sound like a hipster game. Are we playing a hipster game?

jessasm chatJess: Is that why you grew that beard? Anyway, the game is beautiful. Look at those tiles!


This is definitely the type of game that you can give as a present or leave out at a party to get your pals talking. Grant has made a point that the Kickstarter copies will be available by December, so it can make for a great holiday surprise. The proceeds from the game will go to financing art for Grant’s next game, Solstice, which is due out in 2017. If you want to help support the effort and get a gorgeous wooden game in the mean time, check out the Druids Kickstarter now! There’s only a few days left on it so hurry!


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