Pathogenesis Infects Kickstarter

Fall is the season of falling leaves, cooler days, and… the flu. It’s no fun, bad, want it to go away time, but what if you could play the other side?

Loren and Jamie Cunningham have built a game where you get to be the illness: Pathogenesis. This is their 2nd Kickstarterboard game (their previous one is Transylvania: Curses & Traitors) and will be published by WIBAI Games. Pathogenesis is a deck building game for 1-4 players. Each player becomes a bacterial pathogen attacking a human body. Of course, the body has it’s own defense mechanisms, so you’ll have to build up your virus to overcome the human’s immune system. Jamie Cunningham is a PhD and created the game to help people understand the human immune system better. It uses a deck building system akin to Star Realms, making game play sound easy to learn. The game also has several play modes including: solo, competitive, cooperative, team play, and classroom.


jessasm chatJess: The art was crafted by scientific illustration company, Somersault 18:24 which is run by actual scientists, Luk Cox and Idoya Lahortiga Biomedical Sciences PhDs. While I am no scientist, despite what Pandemic says, the cards look beautifully designed. I am constantly impressed by scientific games that make learning about complex systems more fun. Games like Peptide, by John Coveyou and Genius Games, surprise me with their playability and fun factor, and I hope that Pathogenesis will do the same.

You can check out Pathogenesis on Kickstarter now. The Campaign is already fully funded, so now you can enjoy watching the stretch goals pop.

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