Anticipating Feudum

Feudum, by Mark Swanson, is a 2-5 player,  hand optimization and resource management game. The players have all been exiled from your homes. You must find a way to gain some respect in the form of veneration points. There are many ways to earn points such as tending farms, taxing towns, taking outposts, and acquiring feudums, which will increase your membership status in one of six guilds. As you play, you’ll also have to keep an eye on the behemoth and sea serpent. They are both tamable and can can pin your opponents pawns, unless that pawn bravely bests the beast in combat, then it’s up for grabs again at its guild house.


jessasm chatJess: The thing that caught my attention about this project was the bits. Good gosh look at them; like something out of Adventure Time! That tiny sea serpent is so cool looking! Ok gushing aside, the  tokens look chunky and the monsters are made of painted wood which is a bonus to someone like me.


I like higher quality games that use wooden figures instead of plastic. They become more like collectors items and art pieces  that you can interact with and, on that note, let me mention the art:  All of it was created by the talented Justin Schultz and the illustrations just blow my mind. He illustrated a 42″ long game board and it is chock full of fun details.



I haven’t had a chance to try out Fuedum yet, but since I love games that give you multiple ways to win, I am really excited for the Kickstarter. The campaign doesn’t start until Nov 10th, but you can keep an eye on it via the Feudum Facebook page or Twitter.

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