Colt Express Arrives on Digital Platforms This November

Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios have packed all the train-robbing action of Colt Express into an online, multiplayer adaptation for iOS, Android and PC.


“This is more than just an adaptation of the board game, it is a genuine revision of the physical version of the game,” said Remi Hanesse, product manager at Asmodee Digital. “We have crafted an imaginative and expansive world where players experience fast-paced, challenging gameplay, fueled by a riveting storyline which sparks competition and festivity among friends.”



Not only will you get to try your hand at robbing the famed Colt Express against friends and foes online, but you can also play through the new story mode! The adventure comes with  30 chapters, exclusive unlockable content like new gameplay mechanics, items, environments, skins and game mode variants, and a story that will reveal some of the backstory of the six dastardly characters illustrated graphic novel style.

Grab your horse and get ready to ride the digital Colt Express this November on iOS, Android for $6.99 and on PC for $9.99 via Steam. You can also pick up the original game via Amazon.

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