Don’t Be a Jerk, Steal This Game

jessasm chatOk everyone, I don’t usually get up on a soapbox. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a soapbox, but I’m really quite grumpy. During Essen, some asshat (that’s a highly technical term) stole a cashbox from LudiCreations. What the heck is wrong with people!?! I’ve been in the gaming community for a few years now and everyone has been kind, caring, respectful (for the most part), and just plain nice. This goes against all of that.

Thankfully, the gaming community has come together in an action which helps restore my hope for humanity. They have created a game, which is on Kickstarter now, to help LudiCreations recoup some of their losses. David Turczi (Days of Ire: Budapest 1956, Anachrony), has designed Steal This Game.


Steal This Game is anasymmetric nanogame for two players. One player is the boardgame publisher the other is the no-good, all-jerky thief who is looking to rob the publisher’s booth. The exhibitor will try to keep their cash hidden in one of for boxes while the thief rolls dice to try to determine the location of the cash. If the thief gets caught, they get one more chance to steal otherwise the exhibitor wins.

Not only can you pick up Steal This Game  through this Kickstarter, but LudiCreations is also offering some of their games, at or below the SPIEL’16 price including [microfilms]Kune v Lakia, and They Who Were 8.

Please head on over to the Steal This Game Kickstarter and join the effort to help LudiCreations recover. You’ll get some great games and know that you are making the world a little bit less jerky.



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