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Smash Up! Now on Steam!

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and Nomad Games have launched the Early Access of Smash Up! on Steam for free!


Smash Up! is a Shufflebuilding (where two unique decks are shuffled together per player) card game where you pit factions against each other in an all out brawlfest. The free game will come with three factions: Dinosaurs, Ninjas, & Geeks. You’ll be able to unlock several more factions by purchasing the full Starter pack. The Early Access pack will include Aliens and Zombies. Once the game officially launches you’ll also get Pirates, Robots, Wizards, and Tricksters. During the Early Access phase, the starter pack will be $8.99/£5.99.


With Smash Up! digital you’ll be  able to play with up to 4 players or solo against the AI. It offers online play against opponents from across the globe and you can rank up on the Leader-boards and collect Achievements. If you want to check out the digital version of Smash Up!  in Early Access head on over to steam!

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