C.O.G by Dr Finn

jessasm chatDr. Finn’s Games has launched a new project on Kickstarter: C.O.G.!


C.O.G. is a steampunk-themed worker-placement spelling game for 2-4 players. We had the pleasure of trying out the prototype of the game with Dr. Finn himself, and it is a pretty neat game! The story of it is that the Cabinet of Gadgetry (C.O.G.) is trying to construct “The Great Apparatus”, a mysterious machine designed as a mass transportation system. You and your fellow players are doing your best to collect items necessary to find the parts needed to build the machine.


To find these parts you will be placing your 4 workers in different sections of the board to claim letters , cabinet cards (which provide powers), dice, and placement in turn order. You only get to place 1 worker at a time so deciding which of the 4 placements is most important to you will inform you strategy as your opponents will seek to claim other equally important resources before your turn comes around again.

As you collect letters, you can use them to spell words on your goal cards which will earn you points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins, so its a race to see who can fulfill their cards the fastest.


jessasm chatJess:  Now, Andrew isn’t often a fan of spelling games…

andrewasm chatAndrew:  Which, admittedly, is odd, considering my deep and abiding adoration of vocabulary and grammar, paired with my propensity toward verbosity…

Jess:  Showoff.  But C.O.G. appealed to him because the words you are trying to spell are already decided. You just need to manage your placements and try to obtain the letters necessary to create those words. I really enjoyed the collection aspect of the game. Trying to sort out a strategy of how to best get the letters and build my words was a lot of fun.

andrewasm chatAndrew:  I liked that, too.  But my favorite part was how it really was, at its heart, a worker placement game.  Since you only get to place one worker at a time, everyone is gunning for the same, limited resources.  Tons of strategic decisions boil down to when and where you place your first worker each round, and that’s really neat!

joshasm chatJosh:  Totally!  Dr. Finn has made some great fillery games, and we love lots of his catalog.  But this one feels meatier, more substantial than his usual amuse bouche offerings.  C.O.G. has got some serious bite!

You can learn more and get your own copy on Kickstarter for $45. It comes with all of the unlocked stretch goals, so head on over to the C.O.G.Kickstarter to pledge now!

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