Only 3 Days Left to Back AEGIS, the Robot Fighting Game!

jessasm chatAEGIS is Greenbrier Games new Robot building game on Kickstarter. They have called it “Pokemon meets Voltron” and I think that’s a pretty darned good way of thinking of it. Collect your robots, combine them into ultimate fighting forms, and make them fight!

Designed by Zephyr Workshop, an independent game company based out of Worcester, MA, AEGIS has 2-4 players constructing their ultimate battling machines. Each player gets to fill their roster of bots from the 80 robots that fill 5 different classes (Assault Evasive, Guard, Intel, & Support).

AEGIS team

Once assembled your robots can merge together, a la Transformers style, to create even more devastating forms. With these mechanical monsters you can play several types of games including Territory control, Drafting, Tag Team, or Tournament mode.
The game is being released as two sets: Arc Buster and Sky Guard. The Arc Buster gives you everything you need for offensive, defensive, control and bombing strategies while Sky Guard focuses on evasive, energy draining, sniping and combos. You can play either game as a stand alone or combine the two to create some sort of mega-game bent on robot domination! Mwahahahahah!


andrewasm chatAndrew: Jess, you’re going full villain again…

jessasm chatJess: Oops. Sorry. Well like I said, you can get 1 box for $40 or both for $80. If you just want a taste you can also pick up the micro print & play game that includes 20 robots as well as 5 digital backgrounds for your phone and desktop, for only $15. Each game comes with 40 unique robot cards , 40 matching standee pieces, 4 Commander Panels (Energy Trackers), 20 pieces of custom terrain tiles, 30 Damage Counters, 10 Tracking Counters, 4 Energy Tokens, 4 Scrap Tokens, 8 dice, and a 16×20″ Double-sided 4-fold board.


Hop in your mech and stomp on over to the AEGIS Kickstarter. There are only 3 days left, so you had better use your rocket boosters to get there fast!

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