Go Retro With Starcade Now on Kickstarter

jessasm chatI wonder how many hours we have stood before an arcade machine; how many quarters I’ve paid to joyously try to defend the world from an onslaught of aliens? Well, it looks like Never Peak Games is trying to recapture that experience with Starcade.

In this micro game for 1-3 players, you’ll be an ace starship pilot fighting, Galaga style, against the alien fleet. The game was designed by Derak Morrell (We Are Dead: Zombie Mall Massacre and [email protected]: The Battle for Darlington Hills). Like all good micro games should be, Starcade is small enough to toss in your pocket. It includes 5 double-sided cards, 6 different colored dice, and 26 double-sided tokens.


There are three different modes to play the game Player vs. Player, where rival pilots face off, Co-op mode, in which players bad together to fight the Mega-Mothership and her powerful AI, and Solo mode, where you try to get the most points you can.

The game has already funded, so now we can look forward to unlocking some stretch goals. You can pick up a full copy for $10  which also includes a full art Print & Play due to deliver digitally in Dec 2016. If you love old video games this one might just be for you. Check out the Starcade Kickstarter campaign for more info!


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