Holiday Board Game Gift Guide: Board Game Accessories

jessasm chatJess: Looking for a great board game gift, but your pals already have every game under the sun? Why not get them some amazing upgrades for the games they already own? This gift guide is a list of exciting accessories and designers of custom parts. You can check Diana’s A Non-Board Game Gift Guide for Board Gamers from last year for even more ideas!

 meeple-realty-towersMeeple Realty

This Oklahoma based company wants to make “homes” for your board game pieces and boy do they succeed. They have a list of organizers that they make for games that includes titles like Caverna, Mansions of Madness, Terra Mystica, Keyflower, Dead of Winter, and more. We’ve tried out the Castles of Burgundy and it is really fantastic! The organizer fits in the game box and player gets their own dice tower. My only complaint is that the assembly of these complex organizers aren’t always the easiest.  Still, you can’t argue with the results!

mysterymeeples_meeple_sourceMeeple Source

Speaking of meeples, Meeple Source has enough variety to fill a few stockings! They carry premium meeples, resource bits, upgrade kits, and accessories.

We got to check out one of their upgrade kits for Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft and really loved them.

Meeple Source is also the place to buy Meeple Pillows. I know a couple of people who have these and they are as soft and adorable as they look!


If luxury dice towers and card vaults are your thing then take a gander at Wyrmwood. This company uses exotic woods like Black Poisonwood, Zebrawood, Wenge, and Spalted Tamarind alongside custom tooled leather to give you the highest quality product.

I’ve been drooling over these boxes for years (I’m sorry. I’ll clean that up). I really love that you can get a custom image and text engraved into the leather on the dice boxes. It makes the gift that mush more personal. While the price tags are a bit high, your giftee will be super impressed with anything you get them from here. Check out the Wyrmwood website for more great gifts.


Want your friends to be able to show off their gaming addiction?

The artists at Redbubble love games as much as we do. There are a ton of different designs to choose from and some of them even harken back to my childhood favorites like Fireball Island and HeroQuest! Redbubble shirts come in a lot of different colors, sizes, and styles, so you can get something for every gamer in your group.

The company also makes metal prints, throw pillows, phone cases, mugs and more! Check out board game designs on Redbubble here.

jessasm chatJess: Whenever I do these lists I like to include a few small batch, artisanal style crafters (Yes Andrew, I said artisanal). So here are two I found on Etsy whose work impressed me:

code-names DeckedOut3DDeckedOut3D

Adam & Katie Spiker create 3D printed organizers and bits for their favorite board games. I am in love with this company’s Codenames organizer. It is compact and holds the cards alongside the timer. It also look pretty sturdy, so it’s a great way to make the game more portable. Since I love bringing this one to board game night, I may just need to buy one for myself! DeckedOut3D also makes a slew of other products. Check out the galley below. You can find more at DeckedOut3D.


elder-sign ThinkerTinkerMakerThinkerTinkerMaker

If you are looking for something more organic, try out Stefan Chesney’s ThinkerTinkerMaker products. His wooden organizers are not just functional, but occasionally beautiful as well. Just take their Elder Sign organizer for example. This organizer laser cut and is compatible with Elder Sign Core game, Gates of Arkham expansion, and Unseen Forces expansion. Just don’t expect to sleeve your cards with it. Check out more at ThinkerTinkerMaker.

jessasm chatJess: That’s a whole lotta gifts to check out! Who did we miss? What are your favorite companies to shop when you look for a non-game gaming gift? Let us know in the comments below!

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