Meeple Source, Promos, Expansions, and More!

Meeple Source has just announced a bevy of new products!


Eight-Minute Empire Board Expansion
(Promo by Red Raven Games)

We really like Eight-Minute Empire. It is one of our favorite games to take on trips and this promo map gives you a chance to play across Europe! The board is double sided with one side being Europe and the other being the original map with a new rule. This item is only the expansion board so you’ll still need the base game to play. Buy it here.


Colony Promo Pack #1
(Promo by Bezier Games)

Bezier Games has just released this promo pack for Colony! We are just starting to play this game, so we’re excited to see new stuff for it. This pack comes with  four FLGS cards to add to the game. Get the cards here.



KeypleCharacter Key-ples on Kickstarter!

Richard Breese has created a new game called Keyper and R&D Games is running a Kickstarter for the game with the inclusion of charater meeples. There are pledge levels that omit the “Key-ples”, but why would you? Go check out the special Keyper – Character Edition Kickstarter!


And now the moment we’ve been waiting for…

targierweiterung_largeThe Targi Expansion Is Shipping Now!

Gee golly we really love Targi, so it is super exciting to hear that the pre-orders for Targi: Die Erweiterung have shipped! Meeple Source still has a few copies left and there is some concern as to if they will get a second shipment, so if you like Targi, jump on this NOW! You can also buy Targi Character Meeples and upgraded resource kits. Check out the expansion here.

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