The Wizards of the Tabletop Book Is Rocking It On Kickstarter!

jessasm chatJess: Talking about games is what we do here at Gameosity, but sometimes it is really nice to talk about the people behind them. Doug Morse, Director of The Next Great American Game, has written a coffee-table book called Wizards of the Tabletop. The book is a collection of portraits of designers, illustrators, publishers, and journalists. You’ll get to read about people like Alan R. Moon, Klaus Teuber, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer, Antoine Bauza, Mary Flanagan, Steve Jackson, Matt Leacock, Isaac Vega, Eric M Lang and more!

Sample pages from Wizards of the Tabletop

Morse started the book as a side project to his documentary The Next Great American Game, but it has taken on a life of its own over the three years it took for him to put it together. It comes as a 12″X12″ hardcover book packed with over 75 pages of portraits and information on some of our favorite industry professionals.

Right now the book is on Kickstarter and has crushed its’ $7,500 goal and is working on stretch goals.

jessasm chatJess: I’m impressed with what Morse has put together here. Each portrait gives a bit of information on the person as well as one of their games. The shots are thoughtful and expressive; capturing an often-whimsical image that shows off that person’s personality or their games’ personality. The image of Steve Jackson being squished by his own game cracks me up.


For $29 you get the 12″X12″ Hardcover collectors edition and if you spend $20 more you can also pick up a copy of the The Next Great American Game feature film. The Kickstarter is only running for 12 more days, so head on over to the Wizards of the Tabletop: A Game Designer Portrait Book campaign page and back it today!

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