Gold Digger Comes to Android

Gold Digger, Cheapass Games’ press-your luck card game, has arrived on Google Play and is available to download now for free!

Cheapass Games and Ruxed LLC have come together to bring the 2-4 player mining game to life. All players are miners looking to grab as much gold as they can without bringing the cave down on top of them. In push-your-luck style you will be drawing cards from the main deck until you decide to stop or you draw a “BOOM” card. If you get a boom, the cave collapses and you lose all the gold you collected that round.

Jess: The app features art by Hugo Awards winning cartoonist and comic book artist, Phil Foglio and displays some pretty excited lady miners. This begs the question “if all the miners are ladies, who is the mysterious bearded miner who blows up the mine?”

Developer, Dan Steeby said “I’ve always loved playing James Ernest’s games ever since discovering them in the late 90’s and was thrilled when he agreed to let us create the Gold Digger app. We tried to keep it fast, simple, and fun: all the things I’ve always loved his games. You can get better with strategy, but Gold Digger is easy enough for the first time player.”

Jess:The game looks super light and simple, but with a price tag of $0 you can try it out without any worries.

Download Gold Digger here at Google Play for free!

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