Button Shy Kickstarter for Q1 2017

Button Shy Games has announced its line-up for their 1st Kickstarter of 2017! You’ll be able to pledge for Avignon: Pilgrimage, Turbo Drift and Find Your Seats starting Tuesday, January 3, 2017.

Avignon: Pilgrimage is a 2-player  standalone expansion. The expansion gives you  new characters with new powers that allow you to change their positions and offer alternate set-ups. This means you’ll have a bunch of new ways to play the game. You can play Pilgrimage by itself or combine it with the powers from A Clash of Popes. You can learn more about the game here.

Turbo Drift is Button Shy’s first racing game. Designed by Rob Cramer, Turbo Drift will have you driving over a 1980’s era Japanese Mountain Pass race course. The game uses card drafting to let you avoid obstacles and out-drive your opponents. More info on Turbo Drift can be found here.

Lastly, Find Your Seats is Mitchell Shipman’s 3-4 player game of party planning. You will start with a hand of dinner guests. Over three rounds you must choose who to seat next to each other to score points. Whoever creates the best seating arrangements and earns the most points, wins. Learn more about Find Your Seats here.

We will have reviews of these games coming soon!


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