Super Dungeon Tactics on Sale on Steam!

Super Dungeon Tactics, the board game based on digital game mechanics, has come full circle and has been translated into its very own video game!  Underbite Games has brought the dice rolling adventure game to Steam and for a limited time it has a 10% off launch discount!

If you are unfamiliar with the game, Super Dungeon Tactics is a dice based, co-operative dungeon-crawler. You and your compatriots are heroes looking to save the land of Crystalia from evil. In the video game you take control of the party as the guild master. There are fifteen unlockable heroes, each with their own abilities, weapons, armor and items as well as random enemy generation and  multi-part missions, that promises to make the game strategic and full of adventure.

Jess: We saw this game at Pax East and it looked pretty darned cool. You can look forward to a review of the full video game from us soon!

Some of the key qualities of the game are:

  • Powerful Ability Dice – The roll of the die at the start of each turn provides access to special abilities that affect the flow of battle and what skills are at your heroes’ disposal.
  • Dynamic Quests – As players uncover the grand story of good versus evil, they’ll take part in epic quests comprised of multiple encounters per level. Each scenario is dynamic, as encounters vary in size, enemy types, arenas and objectives.
  • Activation Initiative –  Both heroes and enemies abide by the game’s activation initiative, a map-based system that determines squad advantages and disadvantages at the start of a dungeon. The better your map positioning, the better odds in your favor. Choose your tiles wisely!
  • Loot-based Leveling – With progression tied to loot, no heroes are left behind. Swap a wide variety of equipment — from nine weapon types and dozens of support items — around and bring heroes anywhere without worry of under leveling.

The Game has also been recently patched with the following fixes:

  • New Formation Options: More starting positions available to heroes.
  • Increased Visual Feedback: UI improvements made for activated characters, ability descriptions and tutorial messages.
  • Interact on Click: Streamlined objective completion trigger.
  • Options Menu: Additional customizations for sound and controls.
  • WASD: Can now be used to pan camera.

You can download Super Dungeon Tactics here for $17.99 while the sale is still on.

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