Tabletopia Now Available to All!

Jess: A while back I checked out Tabletopia, an online board game emulator that lets you play a huge library of games with your friends over the internet. The site was still in development so it was not available to the public, but it had already shown a lot of promise.

Today Tabletopia has announced it is now commercially released and is free-to-play on the web! You can sign up for a free account and get access to over 320 board and card games. You can also purchase a premium account which gets you more games, more simultaneous game sessions, the ability to create guilds, as well as more options for developers.

Right now there is a special offer. You can get a free month of Gold/Silver subscription at sign up (valid for those who create a new account on

Kickstarter backers’ complimentary premium time has now kicked in, so if you were one of the investors you’d better get cracking. When your premium time expires, you will be able to renew your subscription or switch to the free plan.

Jess: The Tabletopia system is looking even more polished than the last time I took a look. Head on over to their site to check it out and get your free account today:


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