You Can Help Save Crash Games (And Get Some Great Games to Boot!)

Patrick Nickell, Founder of Crash Games, has put out a call for help. Crash Games has produced some great little gems like Yardmaster, Backyard Builders Treehouse, and Plums, and over the last six years the company has done its best to grow. Sadly Patrick are struggling to keep the gaming dream alive, but that’s where we come in.

Patrick has create a Kickstarter to help pay some of the debts owed to manufacturers and designers so that the company can continue putting out great games. During the Kickstarter you can get Fish Frenzy and Backyard Builders Treehouse with promo packs for only $45. That includes shipping! That’s a pretty nice deal and by pledging you know that your money is going to help a small company in trouble. We loved Backyard Builders Treehouse.  It’s fun, light, and a great game to play with kids. Check out our review if you want to know more.

If the project succeeds, Patrick hopes to at least put out one final project called Finca.  This commodity speculation game has been out of print for some time, but Patrick is proposing to bring it back!

Andrew:  Josh and I got to play Finca during the Dice Tower Cruise, and I hated it!

Josh:  No you didn’t.

Andrew:  Ok, fine, I didn’t.  I just didn’t love getting my face unceremoniously stomped in.  But seriously, Finca was lots of fun, Crash is a great company, and Patrick deserves the help to see through at least this last push.

Head on over to the Get 2 Great Games & Help Save Crash Games! Kickstarter to donate now. Every dollar goes to helping save a great little company.



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