The Omens of the Deep Wash Over Elder Sign

In a quest to make my Elder Sign box feel even more bloated with awesome fun, Fantasy Flight will soon be releasing a new expansion: Omens of the Deep. The expansion focuses on an adventure in the Pacific ocean, where investigators have joined Dr. Mason Phillips in his ill-fated quest to find the lost city of R’lyeh. Omens of the Deep will add the Pacific Adventure decks, new Mythos cards, The Ultima Thule entrance card, eight new investigators, and three sea-worthy Ancient Ones as well as bunch of new spells, skills, allies, and items.

The Ultima Thule is your base in the icy waters of the ocean. This ship replaces the entrance of the museum in Elder Sign and gives you ways to spend your trophies on recovering health and sanity, gaining allies, purchasing items, and more.

The new monsters lurking in Omens of the Deep are apparently harder to beat. When you manage to meet its requirements, you must also add extra icons to finish the beast off or else it will move to a new location instead of being destroyed. If four of these monsters get on board the Ultima Thule you’ll get wrecked!

Jess: This Elder Sign expansion looks like it is going to be a challenging addition to the game. There is no offical release date yet for Omens of the Deep, but in a creepily echoing voice Fantasy Flight says “Soooooooooon”… If you are unfamiliar with the base game, Elder Sign, check out our review.

Elder Sign Review

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