Kiwetin Intrigues, But Is It Enough?

When I was a kid I played Roll-and-Move games. That’s what was available at the time and, well, I was a kid. I didn’t know any better! These days there are hundreds of types of games and Roll-and-Move is pretty low on my list of mechanics I want to engage. Well, Kiwetin looks just pretty enough that I might consider the whole Roll-and-Move thing again.

Kiwetin, designed by Thomas Filippi and Gary Paitre of Flyos Games, is a 2-6 player game where everyone is forest spirits racing up a tree to catch the sacred flower. Each spirit has different movement rules and a beautiful mini to represent you on the board.

Every turn you will roll the custom die and combine your spirits movement with the die result. As you advance up the board, action tiles will affect your movement. You can change things up by utilizing Rune cards.

Once you finish your movement, you must roll 2 dice to see if you can remain on the space or if you must move back some spaces. If you are the first player to reach the sacred flower, you win!

Jess: There really doesn’t seem to be much to it. This is the kind of game I might pull out if I was playing with kids (or my mom, who is afraid of complicated games). Where the game really succeeds is the art design by Natalie Dombois. The illustrations give it a dream-like quality that lends itself well to the theme. I also have a hard time turning down games with custom dice, as Andrew is a big fan of them.

Honestly, I’m having trouble deciding on this one. Do I back the Kickstarter? It is only $35 on Kickstarter. What do you guys think? Convince me one way or another by leaving some comments below. In the meantime, there are 24 days left on the Kickstarter campaign so float on over to Kiwetin on Kickstarter to learn more and pledge now.

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