Memory Arcade Is Here! Episode 1: Kung Fu

Hey everyone!  Jess and I are starting a little side-project that we think you all might enjoy.

Memory Arcade is our new Youtube channel where Jess and I (and anyone else we can wrangle) are going to play video games.  The whole ‘memory’ angle is that these games will generally be ones that are somehow nostalgic to us – usually games that one of us played but the other didn’t.

Jess:   Sometimes they will be games we loved, or games we hated, or just the strangest games we’ve experienced, but we’re just having a goofy time finally getting the other player to try it out!

Andrew:  Exactly!  So today, we’re releasing our first video, and we’re hoping you all enjoy it and consider subscribing! Memory Arcade on YouTube!

You can follow us on Twitter here :

Thanks for checking it out!  We’re looking for lots of feedback and game suggestions, so please email us at: [email protected]!

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