Digital Talisman Gets The Firelands Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition is getting a hot new expansion: The Firelands!

Ancient spirits of fire, the Ifrit, have descended upon the lands to rain down destruction. Experience the game mechanic “Burn” as you explore the sands. With the expansion, you’ll get 81 new adventure cards, items, terrain cards, and these heroes:

The Dervish – This master of weaponry can continue his journey after defeating enemies, spurring him on to victory.

The Nomad – The ultimate survivor in the wastes, the Nomad brings some great bonuses to the table. Staying on the same board space helps a lot in the harsh environment.

The Warlord – The true leader, bringing together a band of companions to brave the dangerous lands.

The Jin Blooded – Mystical and resilient, the Jin Blooded has mastery over their own magic and others. Spells will do you little good against the Jin.

The Firelands Expansion is out now on PC and Android, with iOS to follow by the end of the week. You can get 70% off the base game right now at! You can also download Talisman direct from:
Android –
iOS –

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