Griddly Games Launches Rocket Lander Game

Griddly Games is reaching for the stars with Rocket Lander, their new 3D STEM Strategy Game for kids ages 7 and up. Set to debut at this week’s NY Toy Fair, Rocket Lander is a challenging game that asks players to settle and build an epic rocket station.

You’ll need to plot out your game using a graph on a 3 dimensional axis to travel space and defend your area. Rocket Lander was created by game designer, Martin Nedergaard Andersen, who also designed Show Me The Kwan, a real-time party/word game. Rocket Lander will MSRP for $26.95.

Jess: While we don’t know much else about the game yet, we’ll be checking out Rocket Lander out at Toy Fair this weekend!


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