Ladder 29’s Setting Fire to Kickstarter Next Month

Green Couch Games is set to launch their new climbing/trick-taking, Ladder 29, on Kickstarter in March!
Designed by the industrious Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle (Fleet, Eggs and Empires, Floating Market, and the upcoming Wasteland Express Delivery Service with co-designer Jonathan Gilmour), and illustrated by Andy Jewett, Ladder 29 puts the focus on fire fighters.

According to Jason Kotarski (founder of Green Couch Games): Ladder 29 is played over several rounds in which players are dealt 13 cards each, pass 3 cards to the player on the left, and in reverse scoring order select a Hot Spot Card. The Hot Spot Card details the number of points awarded depending on the position the player goes out and a challenge that applies only to that player for the round. A player may choose to only lead singles, end runs in even numbers, or even limit the types of suites played in sets. The bigger risk taken will provide a bigger reward as the first player to extinguish their hand by playing all thirteen cards wins the round and earns highest points possible on their Hot Spot Card. Play continues until all players, except the player who goes out last,  earn points for their finishing position.

You’ll find Ladder 29  Kickstarting in March of 2017 with plans for a Q4 2017 release.

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