Cryptozoic Announces 2 New Rick and Morty Games

Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network Enterprises are working together to create two new board games for the popular Rick and Morty animated TV series on Adult Swim: Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park Game and Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game.


The first game, Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park, is based on the the episode of the name where Rick shrinks Morty and sends him to an amoeba-sized amusement park built inside Ruben, a homeless man. In the board game, 2-4 players head to Anatomy Park. Your mission is to build the best amusement park while fending off diseases like Tuberculosis and Hepatitis A.

You’ll be re-arranging organs and having to act out the unfortunate consequences of embarrassing bodily functions. The game has multiple endings where Ruben will either live or die. You can learn more about the game here.

The second game, Rick and Morty: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Deck-Building Game, is also based on its titular episode where Ricks from other realities accuse this reality’s Rick of murdering a whole bunch of other Ricks (yeah I know, kind of confusing, but watch the show). The game uses the same Cerberus Engine that other Cryptozoic deck builders are based on. Player’s start with a deck of the same cards (seven Genius Waves cards that give you Power, one Beth, one Jerry, and one Summer. The Beth, Jerry, and Summer cards do nothing, but can activate other cards) and everyone will be encountering random locations using the Portal deck.

Jess: Rick and Morty is a ridonculous show that hits on some pretty adult topics. These games look like they are going to stay pretty true to the feel of the episodes so you can expect to enjoy all the raunchy, dark humor you’ve come to love from the show. The games will be released July 12, 2017 and fourth quarter 2017 respectively.



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